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Similar to this, an entire system out-of analogous dating between the beautiful bodies and you will stuff in the world are depending

Similar to this, an entire system out-of analogous dating between the beautiful bodies and you will stuff in the world are depending

For instance the Sumerian-Babylonian astrology, and therefore tries to establish the nice world-size occurrences, also personal individuals, about the the newest divine order of your own cosmos, the new Egyptian astrology tries to come across that https://datingranking.net/fr/sites-de-rencontre-verts-fr/ it union above all away from the healing otherwise medicinal (heilkundlich) direction. However in Egyptian astrology, fitness (Heil-Sein) cannot merely suggest recovery out of individual infirmities. The truly very first imagine are an intensive one. Differing people are a microcosm in which most of the divine efforts of one’s cosmos exist throughout the individuals areas and you may bits of human body. If this type of efforts have harmony along, the individual would-be compliment and you will live in harmony into the macrocosm where the exact same divine order is available.

Because Alexander the favorable conquers the brand new orient and enormous areas of new Mediterranean area in the next millennium BC and you can unites him or her toward one kingdom, an energetic cultural change happens

One another currents from astrology, the latest Mesopotamian additionally the Egyptian, circulate along with her on Hellenistic months, try stimulated of the most other religions and you can philosophies, and find entry to the great religions-toward Judaism and you will Christianity, and later Islam as well.

Astrology, too, forges in the future unhindered from its Mesopotamian and you will Egyptian sources so you can Greece and, later, further westward. Even after differences from Mesopotamian and you will Egyptian astrology, and you will certainly Hellenistic astrologers too, there is still a thing that he’s got fundamentally in keeping:

Contained in this Hellenistic several months, astrology has recently coagulated to the a fixed world view

step 1. Astrology recognizes gods from the planets, repaired famous people, signs of the zodiac, and you will many years just who display their usually using the involved positions and you can constellations. The earth forms and therefore the midst of the country; new air and their superstar deities move the world given that a close industries. dos. Astrology assumes that their truth is shown by way of experience. This can be built of the relative observation from life in the world with the movements of your own air.

Hellenistic astrology really wants to discover individuals, character, and cosmos in one full agreement. The question that we query our selves today, particularly how this agreement of stars, characteristics, and you can humans is basically supposed to really works, is replied from the astrology compliment of the principle from analogy and you can empathy: centered on that it, the latest gods are not only destined to the fresh new heavenly government, as well as invisibly present in the complete cosmos. Therefore, the latest jesus of sun, who offers you light and passion, is additionally present in all of us individuals. If we come across somebody who delivers an exceptional “warmheartedness,” “the sun’s rays” is at work in him. The human center is probably the house of your sunrays. The clear presence of brand new sun’s fuel was also thought to be for the plant life and you may gold and silver coins. Silver corresponds to the newest perfection of your sunshine and so the sun’s strength was at operate in that it metal. In flowers that have been kept having very strong data recovery powers, the sun was additionally at work.

All other worlds and you can signs of the zodiac was indeed along with seen as associated with specific peoples attributes and you will areas, pets, plant life, and metals. This product of analogies-tied up externally so you’re able to objects, supplied inside having divine energies-makes up the world look at astrology around the present. For each and every kind of point we see is available with the Hellenistic astrologers within the you to definitely animate, divine framework. Plus for the modern astrology, it usually is emphasized that simply analogous relationships is actually demonstrated and not-as is usually believed-the fresh lead influences of the famous people.

Closely linked to that it empathy and you can analogy of all of the cosmic efforts is actually an enthusiastic astrological culture which might greatest feel called astral-secret (Astralmagie). I run into it in several Greek papyrus scrolls worried with magic, in which only marginal usage of substantial computations is made. More significant here are the brands of the individual gods out-of the brand new heavenly bodies, which can be utilized in a magical ways – in the treatments too .

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