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Industrial Compression System

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SystemGate Engineering Limited is the agent to Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik (LMF), an industry leader with over 60 years in high-pressure compression systems. Thus, Systemgate Engineering Ltd offers a wide range of industrial compressors through LMF. Our range of compression system solutions spans the following classes:

  • Four-Stage Compressor (Unit B254-462 S 12)
  • One- Stage Compressor (Unit B214-120 S 12.4)
  • Two- Stage Compressor (Unit B222-274 N 1.6)
  • One-Stage Compressor (Unit B222-128 N 6.1)


The usage of LMF compressors is not limited to the following industrial areas of application:

  • Oil and gas production battery and production platforms
  • Installation and testing of pipelines
  • Hydro and thermal power generating stations
  • Bottling of industrial and/or technical gases
  • Production and testing of tubes, containers, valves and ttings
  • Aviation technology
  • Drilling technology
  • Chemical and petro-chemical industries